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Inspired by how business, politics and popular uprisings’ use Facebook and Twitter, The Vibrant Data Research Project gave rise to #WeTheData: the disruptive analysis, communication, and commerce of our Personal Data – By the people, For the People.

Big Data: Why do we care about it?

The very discovery of data’s new value for organizations is based on an age-old relationship: People and technology interact to increase the value of data – converting it first to information, then through analysis to knowledge and understanding, and finally to action and value. #WeTheData was born to enable a world where data routinely delivers value, and protection from abuse to organizations and to everyday people on a global scale.

We The Data | For the People, By the People


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Data Mapping
We have asked ~50 experts to participate who are directly linked to an explosion of online apps and platforms to help us map the qualities of a vibrant personal data ecosystem.

Data Research - What we want to know:

  • What are the fundamental problems to solve at every stage of the Personal Data lifecycle (from data creation ~> storage ~> organization ~> circulation ~> analysis ~> collaboration ~> action) that would broaden access to value derived from data?
  • How are those problems related to one another? Does solving one resolve others (or make them worse)? By mapping those relations, can we identify cross cutting challenges that if creatively solved could transform our ability to leverage data for social good?
  • #WeTheData is a product of Juliette Powell, Tru North Labs, Brainvise and is sponsored by Intel.