“Juliette Powell isn’t just an expert in community, she lives it. Her ideas are a must for any person or company working with social networks.”

– Ori Brafman, New York Times bestselling author of Sway 

“Reading Juliette Powell’s book is like perusing the secret trade documents of the most connected social butterfly. Upon first meeting Juliette, she immediately grabbed me by the arm and introduced me to the most important person in the room. When you pick up her book, it’s the same experience. She reaches through the pages and gives the reader entree to the halls of power through online networking.”

– Amy Shuster, editorial producer, MSNBC

“33 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE ROOM nails it! Juliette Powell has provided a timely crash course on how to leverage your business’s online presence. A brilliant guide to managing your social capital! A must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur.”

– Jeffrey Stewart, serial tech-preneur; Founder of Mimeo, Urgent Career and Monitor110

“Juliette Powell’s book is a brilliant introduction to an emerging global force that’s changing our world. It provides a way forward for anyone transitioning from observer to participant.”

-Bran Ferren, Former Chief R&D, Disney; Co-Chairman, Applied Minds

“Juliette Powell has brilliantly answered in rich dimensions WHY you should be deeply involved in this new communications fabric. Through vignettes with the true leaders of this revolution, Juliette has set forth all the energy and steam you need for your boilers to get going and enter the room.”

– Chris Brogan, business advisor at chrisbrogan.com

“If you are in business or starting one, and wonder what the heck all this talk about social networking is about, this book is the best quick guide I’ve seen. It’s full of juicy stories, backed up by sound social science, lucidly explained.”

– Howard Rheingold, Author Smartmobs, Professor at Stanford and Berkeley 

“Juliette Powell reveals the power of connections, the strategies to gain audience and the best practices to build community in this brisk-paced canter through the new tools and techniques for doing business. It’s jargon-free and an easy read for those who have never dipped a toe in the water, but even experienced networkers will find wisdom in its pages. Real-world examples make a compelling case for her notion that social capital makes sound business sense and when successfully established can translate into capital in the bank.”

– Paul Brannan, Deputy Editor, News Interactive, BBC 

“The network value of reading this book will be to increase your net value multifold, while thoroughly entertaining you with inside stories about the first social networking application, the uber-hip TED conference, and how an outspoken wine expert from New Jersey became an online micro-celebrity. ‘33 Million People in the Room’ is a thoughtful, analytical and practical how-to for anyone looking to learn about social networking, from a budding blogger to a Fortune 500 CEO. I recommend reading this book or watching your back as others use social networks to gather knowledge and connections critical to success in the digital era.”

Dina Kaplan, Co-founder and COO, blip.tv, and Robert Kaplan, Harvard Business School Professor and co-author

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