“Juliette Powell captivated the audience, where she spoke about ‘Data Quality Against Inequality’. During the presentation, relevant examples regarding creating a modern data-driven work environment were provided, along with data thought-provoking strategies that work, increasing participants’ knowledge capacity to launch innovative organizational data management performance improvements in their school districts. Juliette received rave reviews. I highly recommend her. She is amazing.” ~ Harold Wright, State Director of Community and University Partnerships at the Texas Education Agency

Learning & Education

Through her groundbreaking work teaching Social Media Best Practices to School leaders around the world ranging from The International Confederation of Principals 10th World Convention: “Leading School Achievement: An International Odyssey” to her much sought after keynotes on The Future of Education and Leadership at Harvard, MIT, Simmons College and NYU, Juliette has tailored her consulting work and thought-provoking keynotes to reflect the very issues that students and educators are faced with daily, while empowering them with new collaborative tools, frameworks and solutions.

Assembly and Keynote Topics include:

  • How to address Bullying in schools and co-create solutions that work

  • How to sensitize students and teachers about the effects and impact of Cyber Bullying and redirect students into positive collaborations via Social Media tools

  • Basic Digital Literacy for Educators & Principals – How to use Social Media tools to Communicate & Create Peer Learning Networks

  • Basic Digital Literacy for Educators & Students - How to use Social Media to Research, Learn & Apply School Curriculum

  • Advanced Digital Literacy for Educators and Principals – How to use Social Media tools to Grow Sustainable Learning Networks

  • Advanced Digital Literacy for Educators and Students - How to use social media to apply School Curriculum and Co-create Social Media Guidelines

  • How to Develop Best Practices and Social Media Guidelines for Educational Institutions and School Boards (inside institutions and for the public)

Powell Workshops and Curriculum for Educators and MBA Students developed for Rutgers University, MBA Program:

Real Time Research & Response

The world has changed- information is abundant but meaning is scarce. With social networking sites reaching ubiquity, the internet allows anyone with access to ask any question and if you’re smart about it, to get a useful answer — if you know where to look and how to connect the dots. This interactive workshop gives participants the skills, the strategies and the mindset needed to wade through all of the relevant information on the web and make sense of it to make better business decisions, faster. Real Time Research and Response offers a digital framework to explore the competitive advantage inherent to successfully building a brand in real time online, while proactively protecting its reputation.

Digital Leadership

What does it take to be a leader in today’s ever changing interconnected landscape? Participants themselves will answer this question through this interactive and dynamic workshop designed to explore new and innovative leadership perspectives. Using collaborative digital tools to shape and define best practices around Digital Leadership, participants will learn hands-on how to anticipate, evaluate, and proactively respond to both internal and external shifts that affect the organization. By developing and applying specific digital action plans for organizational transformation and leadership, participants become better prepared to meet today’s expectations of tomorrow’s business leaders.