Translated into English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Korean and Portuguese, “33 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE ROOM nails it! Juliette Powell has provided a timely crash course on how to leverage your business’s online presence. A brilliant guide to managing your social capital! A must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur.” ~ Jeffrey Stewart, serial tech-preneur; Founder of Mimeo, Urgent Career and Monitor110


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33 Million People in the Room

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33 Million People In The Room offers practical tools and advice for optimizing every stage of your own social networking initiative, from planning through measurement. The techniques can help you build your company, introduce new products and services, and strengthen your brands, whatever they are: business or personal.

As Markets Go Down, The Value Of Your Relationships Goes Up

In 33 Million People in the Room (Financial Times Press, February 2009) Juliette Powell delivers a practical guide to social networking that empowers readers to build social and cultural capital in view of increasing financial capital. Weaving together wide-ranging case studies from technology and media companies to leaders in finance, retail, gaming, electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and beyond. These real-world examples make a compelling case for Powell’s notion that social capital makes sound business sense and when successfully established can translate into capital in the bank.

Welcome to the New Seat of Influence

The book also includes an overview of how Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign utilized social networking so successfully to raise money, spread their message, mobilize and self-organize volunteers as well as inspire passion and support from the American people. Now you too can apply those lessons to your own business and personal brand. These powerful narratives illuminate the reality of doing business today by capitalizing on online and offline social networks. Through them, Powell introduces readers to newly-emerged best practices, crucial pitfalls, and helps you leverage your social and cultural capital using the very latest trends in online social networking. Drawing on cutting edge research in social psychology network theory and business leadership strategy, Powell “connects the dots,” revealing the human dynamics and patterns that consistently underlie successful social networking initiatives to give you and your company a competitive edge.

This Book Uses Real Success Stories To:

  • Demonstrate the value of social networking for business

  • Understand the underlying dynamics and the hidden undercurrents in the relationship economy (Social capital | cultural capital | financial capital)

  • Provide successful social networking ideas for business strategies, while avoiding their potential pitfalls

  • Provide a lens through which to measure success and prepare for the future of social networking for business

Book Topics
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  • The New Cool Kids

  • Viral Video and Themes

  • Overview of Obama’s winning online strategy (it worked for him, now it can work for you!)

  • TED Conference: Ideas Worth Spreading

  • Rebranding Through Social Networks

  • Social Capital + Cultural Capital

  • How your 'Googlability' affects your Financial ability

  • The New Seat of Influence

  • Microcelebrity: Internet Fame and Influence

  • Co-Creation Networks

  • The New Rules of Leadership

  • The New Metrics for Success